Hello, I'm Pernille Damore

My daughter says that I died that day at the beach. 

…one thing is for sure, that hit on the head changed my life.

Embarrassed and shameful

Sometimes l cant read.Or write.Or undestand conversations. I am in one of those periods right now. l can write this ...
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Hypothyroid? Check your potassium!

l lack potassium! Which is kinda weird since Addisons normally have high potassium and low sodium. I am low in ...
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The day my life ended

Today it is exactly 7 years ago I went on a surf holiday for Easter with the kids. They didnt ...
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Damore – på dansk

Du er noget så heldig at du har en masse materiale tilgængeligt på dansk! Jeg har jo været aktiv i ...
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Addison Crisis – off we go!

The sub title to this post should read "and the complete incompetence of the Danish health system" but since l ...
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