I am a hedgehog

I have had another nocturnal seizure. Normally I am not aware that I have them, I just wake up exhausted, with brain-pain and a body feeling like I have spent 10 hours lifting weights.And the morning I wake up, after a seizure, I am turned into a hedgehog. Not cutie Mr. Pokee on the picture above, but curled up into a ball and just want to be left alone in quiet. I dont want to be touched.I dont want to talk.I dont understand what is said.I dont want company.I just want to be left alone. When l am a hedgehog…

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Embarrassed and shameful

Sometimes l cant read.Or write.Or undestand conversations. I am in one of those periods right now. l can write this post because l just place my fingers on the keyboard and write what l think. I can see red lines under the words l have misspelled, but l dont know what l have spelled wrong because l cant read it. My eyes can see what each letter is, l can put them together to words but l cant interpret the meaning of the sentences. l prefer so be alone when l am like this.Simply because l cant communicate. I speak…

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The day my life ended

Today it is exactly 7 years ago I went on a surf holiday for Easter with the kids. They didnt want to go! I was the driving force in that specific holiday. The kids would have rather wanted to stay home, meet up with friends, play games and sleep in. Their argument was that we had already spent some days in Seville for Amalies' birthday and then had a full month of school work, so they just wanted to do nothing the entire holiday. As much as the soul is healed by being with children and as much as I…

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