Traveling with Addisons

is not impossible but takes planning. Because l have TBI that has given me hypopituitarism l have the joy of both hypothyroidism and 2nd Addisons. I almost died this October, twice, and its been a really tough year so my lovely brother has invited me on a 3 week vegan yoga retreat at Wonderland Healing Center leaving tomorrow, whoop whoop :D Super, great, amazing but it takes planning. First of all l have notified the healing center so they are aware of my condition. l have contacted the local hospital making sure they have the emergency treatment for Addisons, l…

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I am not brain dead!

I finally got my SPECT scan! It has been 10 months getting here and would not have been possible without all the help l have gotten! l am so grateful for that!Thank you! We got the referral from Dr. McCorry to Trinity Medical Imaging in Sutton. Turned out to be an amazing facility that l can highly recommend*. If you, as l, have been to numerous neurologists being told all the things you are not, then this might be a solution for you too. I have been to 10+ neurologists, in Spain, Denmark, Austria and England, every single one with…

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A rant!

l am now ranting… bare with me or feel free to find a cute cat video instead. l am in England as you might know to get brain scans.  I have the amazing neurologist - check Have had the consultation where he refers me to the hospital for scans - check Now the director of the hospital will only do a scan to check for tumors… pardon? So let´s sum it up…  l have been in an accident, hit my head, got memory issues and need a functional scan to check blood perfusion and metabolism and with that find out…

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